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Make a Will with Goodwills home visit Will Writing services

Professional Will Writing Services To Help Your Make Your Will Across Wiltshire and Gloucestershire

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About Goodwills Will Writing and Estate Planning Services

Goodwills provides a professional advice led Will writing service. Our credentials include having written over 50,000 Wills with over 10,000 documents in secure storage and with clients with estates ranging from 0 to over £100,000,000. Appointments to discuss Will Writing and associated services are available in the comfort of your home. We can also see you in our offices in Malmesbury. Weekend and evening appointments available on request.

Flexible will writing appointments

Goodwills is a regulated law firm and is also STEP member accredited and fully insured. Therefore giving you peace of mind that we adhere to professional standards and all of our staff are trained to a high standard when it comes to writing your Will. Goodsills provides you with the advice you need to make informed decisions to ensure your Will meets your needs exactly. Although we are not as cheap as the online companies that do not provide advice, we are generally more affordable than typical high street solicitors.

Find out more about the reasons why you should make a will by clicking here.

Why use a regulated law firm to make your Will?

A Will can be much more than a document that appoints executors and beneficiaries. The careful and precise use of Trusts and specialist clauses can protect a Will from being challenged, save hundreds of thousands in Inheritance Tax and ensure beneficiaries are not disinherited. A Will can be a very powerful document if drafted correctly.

You could make your own Will very cheaply, either through a template stationery pack or an online form, but you might lack the specialist knowledge to make your Will as powerful as it could be. If drafted incorrectly, it could end up being invalid, or end up costing your estate much more than expected, in some cases a poorly worded Will can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. You can see what can go into a Will by clicking here, and the benefits of using a professional law firm like Goodwills by clicking here.

Goodwills can provide you the professional advice that you need at a competitive price. Why not book a free initial consultation and see for yourself?

Goodwills Wilts and Glos price check

Goodwills Wilts and Glos single Will from £69 which is up to 54% cheaper than a Co-operative Legal Services Single Will from £150*

Goodwills Wilts and Glos Mirror Will from £89 which is up to 74% cheaper than Co-operative Legal Services Mirror Wills from £234*

* Prices correct as of 24th November 2019. All prices include VAT as applicable. Further information about what is included in our standard prices can be found by clicking here.

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