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Why use a professional will writing service when making your will?

Why use Goodwills? They offer a professional advice led Will writing service and are a regulated law firm too.

an eldery couple with a professional will writer making their will

You can write your own will, get a template and fill in the gaps, use an online service or use a professional advice led will writing service. Goodwills Wilts and Glos offer the latter. We offer face to face meetings in the comfort of your own home, or in our office on Malmesbury High Street in Wiltshire.

Is it worth spending a bit more to ensure your Will is made correctly? Is it better to use a regulated law firm which regularly has its business practices inspected to ensure they comply with the regulators high standards? Here are many reasons you should consider using the Goodwills advice led Will Writing service:

A well written will can protect your assets and your loved ones. A poorly written one can harm them.

A Will written to match your circumstances and which takes into account allowances that are available could make the difference between your loved ones receiving all of your estate, or just a fraction of it. A consultation with Goodwills will help spot potential risks, and see where assets and property can be protected.

Square pegs and round holes don't work when it comes to writing a Will

A low cost will is likely to be templated in some way. A solicitor or expert is not going to provide hours worth of work for just a few pounds. It is unlikely you will get the protection you need if your Will is made this way as you must try and fit your circumstances into the template. This might mean that your wishes are not accurately reflected. Your estate might not be distributed as you had planned.

Goodwills are experienced

As a regulated law firm with over 15 years' experience, having written over 50,000 Wills, more than 15,000 Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney and storing over 10,000 documents, Goodwills has the experience and expertise to ensure your Will is made correctly. Goodwills has a wide range of clients with small, medium and large estates ranging from £0 to over £100,000,000. Goodwills has the expertise to ensure your Will fully reflects your circumstances and needs.

As a STEP member accredited firm, Goodwills staff must receive a high standard of training, and must adhere to their high standards of conduct.

Using a regulated law firm

Goodwills is regulated by the CLC. Although Will writing is not a regulated activity, and in fact anyone can do it, a regulated law firm has to uphold professional standards in all the work it carries out. This provides you with an additional layer of protection.

Taking responsibility and being insured

If you make a Will yourself or use a template or an online service, then the buck stops with you. Even most online services which say a solicitor will check your document cannot provide proper advice as they do not know your circumstances in full. If you use a professional service such as the service offered by Goodwills Wilts and Glos, we take responsibility for the documents provided. Goodwills has professional indemnity insurance in place so you and your loved ones are protected if we make a mistake.

Make your Will more resilient to challenge

A will can be challenged for multiple reasons, and you won’t be around to defend yourself and your decisions. Using Goodwills will ensure that your Will is worded correctly, is unambiguous and is less likely to be successfully challenged. Goodwills will cover the main reasons why a Will might be challenged during our consultation, and we can take precautions to help ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intended.

Ensuring your beneficiaries inherit as you intended

Many people are disinherited because mirror wills are changed or invalidated after the first death. We can ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intended, and the beneficiaries in your Will shall inherit as you intended after the second death.

Is it worth the cost?

Using a professional law firm to make your Will and ensure that your wishes are carried out can make the difference between your intended beneficiaries inheriting what you intended and potentially receiving nothing.

The cost of an expertly written Will might be ten times more than a templated or online service, but still equate to just one or two months council tax payments, depending on the complexity required. This is money well spent in our opinion.

Goodwills Wilts and Glos price check

Goodwills Wilts and Glos single Will from £69 which is up to 54% cheaper than a Co-operative Legal Services Single Will from £150*

Goodwills Wilts and Glos Mirror Will from £89 which is up to 74% cheaper than Co-operative Legal Services Mirror Wills from £234*

* Prices correct as of 24th November 2019. All prices include VAT as applicable. Further information about what is included in our standard prices can be found by clicking here.

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