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Why should I use a professional law firm when making my LPA(s)?

Why should I use a professional law firm such as Goodwills when making my LPA(s)?

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Goodwills provides an advice driven LPA service

Goodwills Wilts and Glos offer an advice driven service, face to face at our office in Malmesbury (Wiltshire) or in the comfort of your own home if you prefer.

Goodwills have made over 10,000 Lasting Powers of Attorneys since they were introduced in 2007, and prior to this, have made over 5,000 Enduring Powers of Attorneys. One of the directors of Goodwills Legal Services Ltd is one of only 68 panel deputies in the country, appointed by the Court of Protection and the Office of the Public Guardian. We have experience of dealing with the Office of Public Guardian and the Court of Protection on an ongoing basis.

We will provide you with high quality legal advice based on your individual circumstances to ensure that your Lasting Power of Attorney documents are legally valid and they will do what you need them to. It is very easy to make a mistake, and this could invalidate your Lasting Power of Attorney, meaning you might incur much higher costs later, or not be able to rectify the situation.

We strongly recommend that you use a professional law firm to help create and register your LPA documents. Our competitive costs can be seen below.

Goodwills' competitive professional fee includes:

  • Advice on the different types of Lasting Power of Attorney available and how they can be used, by whom they can be used and when they can be used.
  • Important information on how attorneys and replacement attorneys can be used, and what would happen if one of them were unable to act.
  • We can act as a certificate provider, which simplifies the application process.
  • We will discuss with you any limitations you wish to place on the attorneys in your LPA, to reduce the risk of things going wrong, and will also ensure you understand the benefits and potential consequences of any decisions you make.
  • We will prepare the legal documents. We will explain the LPA document content, ensure the LPA is signed correctly, witness the document, and will sign as a certificate provider.
  • We will complete the registration forms. Help you determine if you need to pay the office of public guardian (OPG) registration fee and submit the registration to the OPG on your
  • We will deal with the submission of the LPA to the OPG, including all correspondence, challenges or requisitions.
  • Once registered, we will send the LPA back to you for safekeeping, or immediate use depending on your circumstances. We can provide a document storage service if required.

Goodwills Wilts and Glos price check

Goodwills Wilts and Glos One LPA from £89 (one document)
Co-operative Legal Services One LPA: £270 (one document)

Goodwills Wilts and Glos Both LPAs from £178 (two documents)
Co-operative Legal Services Both LPAs from £540* (two documents)

The above prices are for one person. If you are a couple then the following will apply:

Goodwills Wilts and Glos One LPA Each £178 (two documents)
Co-operative Legal Services One LPA Each: £450 (two documents)

Goodwills Wilts and Glos Both LPAs Each £356 (four documents)
Co-operative Legal Services Both LPAs from £828 (four documents)

* Prices correct as of 24th November 2019. All prices include VAT as applicable. Further information about what is included in our standard prices can be found in the question and answer section below. For all LPA's a registration fee of £82 for each LPA is due in addition to the above, made payable to the Office of Public Guardian. This fee may be waived by the OPG depending on your income and benefits you received.

If you are ready to book an appointment to make your LPA(s), or wish to find out more about Lasting Powers of Attorney please click the appropriate link below: