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Asset Preservation Trusts

The Goodwills Asset Preservation Trust

Not all trusts are the same.

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What is an Asset Preservation Trust?

An Asset Preservation Trust is a great estate planning too. It can be written in your Will and will be created when you die.

What does an Asset Preservation Trust do?

An Asset Preservation Trust can be used to provide income and accommodation for a life tenant. On the death of the life tenant, the assets will then become part of a discretionary trust for your nominated beneficiaries.

What can the Asset Preservation Trust hold?

The Asset Preservation Trust can hold property, cash and investments. It can help ensure these assets remain in the family.

How do beneficiaries get their inheritance?

Trustees can distribute or loan assets to the life tenant and the beneficiaries in accordance with your letter of wishes.

Why would the beneficiaries get a loan?

Loaning assets can help with IHT planning and keeping the assets in the family.

How long will an Asset Preservation Trust last for?

The trust can run for 125 years. It is a great tool for passing assets through generations.

What about beneficiaries yet to be born?

The Asset Preservation Trust allows for different classes of beneficiary. The letter of wishes can help trustees decide how additional beneficiaries can be included.

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