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Will Writing, Trusts, LPA and Probate services provided across Wiltshire and Gloucestershire with home visits on request

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Partner With Goodwills Wilts and Glos

Become a self-employed estate planning practitioner with Goodwills Wilts and Glos and deliver superb solutions to local clients

Goodwills Wilts and Glos provide a competitively priced advice led will writing, estate planning, and probate service where all documents are drawn up by Goodwills Legal Services Ltd, an experienced and regulated law firm. We are looking for self-motivated individuals to deliver our services to clients and grow our brand across Wiltshire and Gloucester on a self-employed basis.

If you are interested in partnering with Goodwills Wilts and Glos as an Estate Planning Consultant we can provide you with excellent training, marketing support and remuneration.


If you partner with Goodwills, we can provide the following benefits:

  • Access to a wide range of solutions which most of the adult population would benefit from.
  • Attractive earnings potential (earn up to 40% of the customer fee) with competitive client pricing.
  • Training delivered by a director of Goodwills Legal Services Ltd, which ensures you can provide good quality advice to clients.
  • Access to expert support for complex cases.
  • Help towards marketing costs
  • Access to an industry where virtually every adult should have the products and use the services, but only a small percentage of people do – so a large demographic to market to.
  • An experienced legal team who will prepare and write all the legal documents and liaise with the clients once the questionnaire has been submitted.

What does the role require?

To be successful you will need to generate client enquiries, make appointments, visit clients in their home and complete a structured questionnaire, provide advice to the clients based on the answers to the questionnaire, and submit the questionnaire so that the Goodwills legal team can prepare documents as required.

We would expect you to have good customer service skills, with an ability to listen to the client, explore their needs in detail and make clear recommendations. You would need to be honest and diligent. You would need to be smart and have a professional manner.

The benefits of Self-Employment

The advantages of being self employed is that you can choose which hours to work and have the potential to earn higher income. We would however expect you to pay for your own training at a one off cost of £195 (no VAT). You would not be paid a salary, and instead would earn a fee for each case you submit.

Where do we need consultants?

  • Swindon
  • Cheltenham
  • Gloucester
  • Cirencester

Make an Enquiry

Please call Jon-Paul Edwards, the owner of Goodwills Wilts and Glos on 01666 744002 or email gw@willsandtrusts.co.uk for further information.

new business partner shaking hands and joining forces with Goodwills Wilts and Glos