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Are Online Wills Safe?

Have you considered using an online will writing service to make your Will?

Making your Will using an online form can initially seem to save you a lot of money. But does it really? Does it leave your assets and loved ones vulnerable? If you can really make your will in 9 minutes, and pay £20 or less, are you really getting the job done properly?

If you have already made an online Will or have made your Will another way, and you are worried - we can provide a free Will check. Contact us for more information.


Are you worried about whether an Online Will can really meet your needs?

a couple using their laptop to make an online will

Have you thought about what might happen if you don’t consider or even understand all the options when making your Will? Your Will might be invalid, it might not protect your assets should a surviving spouse remarry. It might not protect your assets should a previous spouse not remarry. Changes in circumstances might mean that your assets get eaten away before your death. Forms not completed properly on death could mean that unnecessary inheritance tax might have to be paid. Your Will might be unclear, especially if a potential beneficiary dies and it could end up in litigation for years.

So what if the will writing company has lots of 5 star reviews?

A tiny proportion of the reviews, if any at all, will not be reviewing how the Will works after somebody has died. People will not know if the service is as good as it seems until they have died, and by then it is too late. With many online will writing services, you are giving up any right to complain about poor advice or procedures as it is provided on a no advice and no liability basis. You are better off reading the small print than the reviews.

Have you read the small print? The headlines might be very misleading!

Here you will find the true costs of using a cheap online will writing service, the true limitations and any lack of responsibility that the online will writing firm takes. Here are some excerpts from some online will writing companies (not us may we hasten to add), many of these firms appear at the top of google:

  • The fee for retrieval of the Will is £100.00 and will be charged to either you or your estate (as the case may be).
  • The Officer and Staff of ********* Ltd will be specified as Executors of your Estate if you use our Will Writing Services in the Will you create. ******** Ltd will charge 4% of your Estate (as defined above) for carrying out their duties as Executors (“Estate Fee”). Any disbursements including but not limited to legal, accounting, estate agent or administration costs will be charged in addition to the Estate Fee. Disbursements will be charged at cost plus 25%.
  • ********** Inc. is not a law firm. The use of the *********.co.uk Web Site is not a substitute for seeking legal advice. The Member agrees that he or she is not relying on ********* Inc. for any legal advice or information. The Member agrees that any Documents completed by the Member on the LegalWills.co.uk Web Site are Documents made by the Member and not Documents made by ********* Inc. The Member further agrees that any Documents completed by the Member on the ********.co.uk Web Site are Documents completed by the Member without a solicitor or legal advice. If a Member requires legal advice or information, it is agreed that it is the duty of the Member to obtain such legal advice or information. If a Member is uncertain as to whether legal advice or information is required, it is agreed that the Member will obtain such legal advice or information.
  • Should any member choose to provide ********** Inc. with any data not associated with any of the services including but not limited to questions, comments and suggestions ("Non Confidential Data"), such data shall be deemed to be non-confidential and ********* Inc. assumes no obligation to protect such data from disclosure.

Why consider using Goodwills for Will Writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning and more?

  • We have a terms of business document we are legally bound to adhere to. Not just some cut and paste terms and conditions. We take responsibility for our advice and the services we offer.
  • We provide competitive prices for Will Writing, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney (both health and welfare, and property and financial affairs) compared to many high street solicitors and well-known telephone based firms.
  • We help reduce our costs by providing secure online forms which you can complete at your own leisure. This allows the consultant to spend time in the meeting discussing solutions, not asking you to spell the address of family members. This time saving will mean any meeting is more focused, and we will reduce our prices further.
  • If you don’t want to complete online forms – fine. We will complete them during the meeting. If you do, great - we will discount our prices to make them more affordable.
  • We provide full advice, and at the same time do not pressure you to do anything that you don’t want to.
  • We take enough information to ensure we can provide the right advice for your circumstances. We provide information in plain English to ensure you can make the right decisions for you and your family.
  • Goodwills Legal Services Ltd is a legally regulated law firm and takes responsibility for advice provided. Will Writing is not a regulated activity; however, a regulated law firm must act fairly and honestly. The code we must follow can be found here By completing the forms online, and then arranging a meeting either by phone, at your home, or at our offices, you can know we have fully assessed your situation, and we will ensure you are informed enough to make the right decisions.

What next?

Get in contact by calling us on 01666 744002 or using our live chat. Alternatively you can complete our online forms, or book an appointment for a no obligation consultation using our online diary.