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Will Writing, Trusts, LPA and Probate services provided across Wiltshire and Gloucestershire with home visits on request

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The Goodwills Approach

The Goodwills approach helps save you time and Money.

By having a centralised legal team and consultants based around the country, Goodwills can save you time, money and effort without sacrificing quality or regulatory protection.


Our Approach

Understanding your Requirements

Traditionally we have held an initial consultation in your home or our office, however many clients are completing our online or paper based client information questionaire. This helps you reduce the overall cost, and allows you to read and digest our recommendations without feeling under pressure. Whether your complete a questionnaire yourself to keep your costs lower, or with a Senior Client Consultant, we will explore what your needs, wants and priorities are. Once you have received your recommendations you are free to prioritise if your budget is tight, or if some solutions are more of a priority than others at this time.

When we provide our recommendations, we will provide a price breakdown, and also provide links to pages on our website where you can find more information, so that you can make decisions. Should you wish to proceed, you can ask any questions you might have, and we can complete the releavant forms.

Completing Forms

If you wish for us to proceed with all or some of our recommendations, we complete any forms as required, and we will request payment by cheque, cash (if under £500), card or bank transfer. We will also require identification too. All paperwork is then forwarded to the legal team at Goodwills Legal Services Ltd head office. They will then send you an engagement letter outlining we will be your case handler, the costs involved, and prepare all legal documentation as required.

Checking Legal Documents

Draft copies will then be sent to you for checking. This gives you a second chance to check the spelling of names, addresses and all choices you have made. Once you have told us the documentation is correct then documents will be sent to us for signing.

Signing and Storing / Processing

You can choose to have the documents sent directly to you, and you can arrange to sign these in front of the required witness(es). Alternatively the documents can be sent to us, and we can arrange for you to visit the offices (or have a home visit) where we can get the documents signed. If you come to our offices during normal working hours, we can arrange for two witnesses to be available where required.

Urgent Wills?

If your documents need producing urgently, then we can potentially speed up the process should their be an urgent need to do so. Please contact us for further information.